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Skultuna Hunter - The Deer Cufflinks

The Hunter Collection is a new cuff links collection from Skultuna made for Hunting lovers. Silver plated brass. D 17mm
[product_name] - Santamaria Shirt Makers

Skultuna Rampant Lion - Purple/Whit Cufflinks

The rampant lion is a potent symbol of strength and a classic symbol frequently used in heraldry around the world. Silver-plated brass. D 17mm
[product_name] - Santamaria Shirt Makers

Skultuna The Racer - Red/White Cufflinks

Inspired by classic motor racing and the everlasting chase for the no.1 spot. Gold plated brass. D 17mm
[product_name] - Santamaria Shirt Makers

Tudor Rose - Palatine Purple

The Tudor Rose cuff links. The traditional floral heraldic emblem of England. Gold plated brass. D 19mm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your fabrics sourced?

We are proud to say we exclusively use Canclini fabrics sourced directly from Italy. We do not compromise on the quality of our shirts.

What kind of fabrics do you have on the site?

All the fabrics on our site are 100% cotton, and each fabric is marked with a thread count and a GSM weight (grams per square meter). Our Unique Selling Proposition is that, unlike many (if not all online tailors), we exclusively use award-winning Italian Canclini fabrics.

What shirt customizations do you offer?

We offer almost 100 different customizations that create 1000s of different bespoke-style combinations for any occasion. The best way to find out is to have to play around with our Bespoke Shirt Making wizard.

What sizes do I need to know before ordering?

Our goal is for you to experience full bespoke sizing without needing to visit a tailor. Simply tell us what size your best fitting shirt is, or follow our pictorial instructions in the sizing section of ordering.

What is the difference between “Bespoke” and “Ready To Wear”?

While some customers prefer to oversee the style details of the entire shirt, we understand sometimes our customers prefer to buy an already styled high quality shirt. Our Ready-to-Wear collection is carefully crafted by our tailors bearing in mind our bestselling fabrics and offer an even better value.

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