The Process of Making the Perfect Shirt

Every single Santamaria shirt is designed and tailor made especially for you.
This level of craftsmanship enables us to provide a high level of quality raising our product above the typical shirt.


We begin the manufacturing process with one of our tailors reviewing and assessing the measurements and physique information of the order to generate a pattern for the shirt. He then orders the required fabric from our warehouse.


Once the fabric is delivered to the factory, our expert shirt makers get to work. After the primary torso fabric is sewn together, each arm is attached and custom cuffs are wrapped around the ends. We choose to hand-set every collar to rest more naturally at the neck and retain tall, sturdy form longer than machine-assembled collars.


Once the shirt is constructed it is pressed, hand packed, and prepared to ship to you via our courier service, which collects from our offices twice a week.

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